Cord Blood Banks

Advanced solution for Cord Blood Banking

The T.C.S. software provides to Cord Blood Banks unrivalled functionality, scalability and technology. The software manages all aspects from collection until transplantation : Collection, Processing, Testing, Labelling, Medical Release, Inventory, Distribution, Transplantation and much more.

The Cord Blood Bank can also grant access to maternity wards to the software so they can document the collection process. Access rights ensure that the information is well controlled.

Compliance with current and future regulations is ensured through its flexibility and configurability : JACIE / AABB / FDA requirements / Europeans regulations / ISBT 128, Single European Code …

Easy to use


Collect any products. T.C.S. can be used by maternity wards to document the collection process. Only authorized features are available to the clinic.


Process any products. T.C.S. can be used to process Cord Blood (Reduction, Separation, Freezing, Thawing…). Manage your lab activities, inventory, medical release, reservation, distribution and many more…


Transplant any products. T.C.S. can be used by clinic to document the transplantation process and follow up. Only authorized features are available to the clinic.

Track and control any step

Take full advantage of configurability & flexibility. Configure the T.C.S. software to manage all required steps of your process. User defined process flows and steps for each tissue include entry of equipment, consumables, calculated values, time constraints, authorized sign off for each step

Interfaces with devices and your H.I.S.

Orchestrate healthcare. A large catalogue of interfaces with third party software and lab devices is available.

T.C.S. is the right tool to get your accreditation

Comply and Get your accreditation. T.C.S. is the software you need to comply with applicable regulations and receive your accreditation. FACT/Netcord, AABB, GxP and many more…

Main Features

T.C.S. - Collect

  • Collection information
  • Eligibility Control
  • Labels
  • Interface with Collection Devices
  • The collection facility can remotely access to the software

T.C.S. – Process

  • Donor management
  • Process management
  • Transformation management
  • Laboratory testing
  • Inventory Management
  • Labels
  • Algorithms and Formulas
  • Statistics and Reports
  • Interface with H.I.S. / L.I.S.

T.C.S. - Clinic

  • Patient management
  • Transplant management
  • Post transplant management
  • H.L.A. Matcher
  • The clinic can remotely access to the software

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