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Healthcare IT success is built using the best technology

MAK-SYSTEM utilizes the latest technology of the market in order to ease the installation and deployment of our solution due to the HTML5 technology. In addition, our software can be installed “On premises” or “in the Cloud” depending on your preference and MAK-SYSTEM can scale the infrastructure to match small to large organizations. Regarding integration, MAK-SYSTEM has already developed a large portfolio of interfaces using standards of the market such as HL7, HL7 FHIR, IHE Profile, etc …

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Java and HTML5

Our software solutions are developed in Java & HTML5 technologies which serve our customers as:

  • Jakarta EE (Formerly known as Java EE) is built with Security as one of its major concerns.
  • It is an ideal technology to build robust/scalable WEB software.
  • It runs on a broad range of Platforms (physical & virtual), Operating systems (Window Server, Linux, Unix) & Application server (Weblogic, Tomcat, JBOSS, …) in order to address needs from small to large organizations

HTML5 ease the deployment on multiple clients (Mobile, Tablet and workstation) as:

  • HTML5 requires only a web browser.
  • Clients are “light-weight” and require no add-ons.
  • HTML5 ensures users satisfactions as the front end is highly configurable and user friendly.
  • Bring your own device

With our technology, easy communication with Donors/Patients using our dedicated software module is now a reality as our software runs on smartphone and Tablet (iOS, Android).


MAK-SYSTEM products are designed to easily integrate with your ecosystem as they can be connected to any third-party software or devices (Apheresis machines, Lab instruments, manufacturing devices, …) via a comprehensive range of secured and validated communication protocols & payload formats (IHE, HL7, HL7 FHIR, Proprietary, …):

  • Micro Services
  • REST Services
  • SOAP Web Services
  • JMS
  • sFTP
  • Serial connection
  • And much more

In addition, MAK-SYSTEM has an interface collaboration agreement program with lab device manufacturers in order to deliver to the market secured and validated connectors with their equipments.

Cloud Services

MAK-SYSTEM products support containers such as Docker to deploy them on the cloud. Our Cloud computing offers many benefits to your organization by:

  • Lowering upfront & infrastructure costs
  • Eased scalability
  • Pay as you go

Regarding connectivity with your ecosystem, our pervasive integration platforms connects your on-premises application, cloud applications, and, devices.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Automation, Donor and Patient safety are enhanced in the Internet of Things (IoT) as it is a technology that disrupts the old manufacturing models and creates innovations that benefits pharmaceutical companies and patients alike by providing alerts, and, monitoring in real time your Asset, Donor and Patient Data.

Our platform is the backbone of your IoT when you are looking at leveraging technology as our software are designed to support real time communication with a vast range of IoT devices such as:

  • RFID
  • Smart Fridges
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Location Sensor
  • Devices capturing vital information
  • Others

Our software is the Intelligence of things which controls, secures and improves the supply chain.


Cybersecurity is now in the heart of our focus to deliver tool and services to protect your data and Donor/Patient privacy.

All our software:

  • Use advance authentication methods
  • Follow Advanced Threat Protection Policies
  • Comply with OWASP guideline