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The Web Based – HTML ePROGESA software is used by multiple Source Plasma Collectors in the world. ePROGESA significantly improves the donor In / Donor Out time and the Donor experience.  This software encompass:

  • Positive Donor Identification (Biometric, Photo)
  • End to end paperless solution
  • Queue management
  • Donor Pre Qualification tests
  • Physicals assessment including vitals devices integration
  • Collection management including collection devices integration
  • Specialty programs
  • NDDR interface
  • CDCS Interface
  • Donor Payments
  • Dashboard

As a modular application, ePROGESA modules can be activated based on client requirements on a demand basis. Many optional modules that enhance the core functionalities are available.

ePROGESA is a US FDA 510k Cleared device, CE Marked and follows the IQPP standard from PPTA.

ePROGESA – Web Portal for Donor

Reach the donor anytime, anywhere on any devices. The Donor can sign up as Prospect Donor. The donor can fulfill the medical questionnaire with full eligibility check, view their donation history, update their demographics and check his pay.

web portal donor

Donor App
Connect with your donor

Online medical questionnaire
Complete the medical questionnaire online

Communication history
Track previous communication

Donor demographics
Update Email, Telephone, etc

Prospect Donors
Recruit new Donor

ePROGESA – Core Functionalities

The ePROGESA software provides to Plasma centers unrivalled functionality, scalability and technology. The solution matches all small and large organizations requirements. Moreover, ePROGESA has demonstrated its capacity to meet today and tomorrow’s needs thanks to its functional richness and configurability.

ePROGESA core functionalities

Donor management
Manage Demographics, donations and eligibility

Donor Health Check
Integrate with Vitals measurement device

Immunization Program
Boost your donor

Planning, tele recruitment, donor appointments
Recruit and retain donor

Plasma collection management
Optimize the In/Out time

Laboratory testing
Define your laboratory algorithms

Plasma Warehouse
Build a better inventory management (Pre and Post Release)

Boxing and Pallet Control
Locate your stock

Final release
Set each fractionator conditions

Lookback & Surveillance
Track, identify, quarantine and recall

Statistics and Reports
Work smarter

ePROGESA – Advanced Module

ePROGESA embeds all business requirements in one application version providing various options, solutions and innovations. ePROGESA core features can be extended to advanced module in order to increase productivity, lower your recruitment cost, improve the donor experience and sustain a modern plasma supply chain.

Advanced Functionalities

Donor relationship management
Achieve recruitment excellence

Online medical questionnaire
Complete the online medical questionnaire

Finger & palm print
Digitally transform the identification

Digitized consent form
Capture the electronic signature

Donor queue management
Redefine your donor flow

Risk management
Escalate and evaluate

Dashboard, and more
Work smarter

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