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Mak System Support during COVID-19

MAK-SYSTEM wants to accompany its clients in this global pandemic situation. Our team is determined to assist you in facing this challenge, and, we are open in finding the most appropriate solution to battle against your COVID-19 operations impact.

MAK-SYSTEM resources to assist clients during COVID-19 Outbreak

In the context of our customer engagement policy, MAK-SYSTEM is committed to the health and well-being of our clients in this difficult time.

Our team of experts can deliver extended services, accommodate any special requests, and, provide our business expertise to ensure that your medical staffs / clinicians rely on the most efficient software as a backbone of your clinical activities.

We want to provide you any means to deliver the best care to the Patient, and, we will be delighted to discuss any request to support you.

Possible solution to minimize the risk

MAK-SYSTEM has identified solutions to manage and reduce the coronavirus risks. We can enhance the current software configuration, or, activate new modules to automate your operations. A couple of suggestion such as:

  • Schedule the donation slots more efficiently with our Donor Portal for remote appointment and communication
  • Reduce the time spent by the donor in your facilities with the Online medical questionnaire
  • Solicit the donors with the right email or text message with the Donor recruitment Module
  • Secure your end-to-end operation with the device integration and supply chain automation
  • Deliver any reporting specific to COVID-19

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