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Cell and Gene Therapy


Orchestrate Advance Therapies and manage a complex supply chain

Supervise and Control

Ih h&l labaratory

TCS can be delivered as a service to CMOs, Clinics & logistics actors to guarantee a control of each treatments from end to end, enforce compliance with international regulations and meet standardization. Monitoring has never been so easy, TCS offers a global access to the data and user defined reports for a complete supply chain visibility, workflow control and therapy to the patient. T.C.S. is used for : 

  • Clinical Phases (1 –>3)
  • Commercial Phases


blood process

TCS is designed to manage easily configurable processes as they can be configured in TCS by any organization to support the manufacturing process, enforce your SOP and document each steps. For each process, TCS generates user configured labels, records environments, supplies & reagents, manages inventory, interfaces with lab & manufacturing devices and much more.


cell gene clinic

Schedule the treatment. Clinic access to TCS to register the patient, schedule collections, generate collection labels and schedule treatment.
TCS also interfaces with the Hospital Information System.


header technology

The cell and gene therapy ecosystem is complex and involves many different organizations.
T.C.S. integration layers are designed to connect resources and centralize all required information.

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