Plasma Centers

Easy to use, to implement, to train.

The ePROGESA software provides to Plasma Centers unrivalled functionality, scalability and technology. The solution manages all aspects of donors: Positive Identification, 120-Day Donor Qualification Tests, 12-month Physicals, Biometric Identification, Donor Payments, Donor Photographs, NDDR interface, Specialty Programs and much more.

As a modular application, ePROGESA modules can be activated on demand based on customer requirements. Many optional modules enhancing the core functionalities are available.








Save time with our modules

Donor App

Reach the donor anytime, anywhere on any devices. The Donor can sign up as Prospect Donor. The existing Donor can create or delete appointments with full eligibility check to ensure the donor can donate on the selected date, view their donation history, update their demographics …

Donor Relationship Management

Recruit and retain donors. Manages campaigns, manages the call center, notify your donor (email, SMS, letter, social network), tracks the communication history, controls your collection schedule, import recruitment lists and many more…

Online Medical Questionnaire

Improve the donor experience. The donor can complete the medical questionnaire online or on a kiosk.

Enterprise Administration Module

Simplify and automate your administration. The IT Department can easily manage the different environment, copy parameters across environment, perform data scrambling, copy production data in another environment ….

Interface with Collection Devices

Orchestrate healthcare. Enhance your process and reduce the collection time using our advanced interface with collection device…

Donor Queues

Guide the donor through the process. Control the flow and assist the donor to move from one stage to another stage…

Main Features

ePROGESA - Web Portals

  • Donor App
  • Online appointment
  • Online questionnaire
  • Communication history
  • Donor demographics


  • Donor management
  • Donor Health Check
  • Immunization Program
  • Planning, tele recruitment, donor appointments
  • Plasma collection management
  • Laboratory testing
  • Plasma Warehouse
  • Pallet Control
  • Lookback & Surveillance
  • Softgoods and Equipment

ePROGESA - Advanced Module

  • Donor relationship management
  • Online medical questionnaire
  • Finger & palm print
  • Digitized consent form
  • Donor queue management
  • Electronic device management
  • Risk management
  • Dashboard, and more.

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