Transfusion Services

Complete Transfusion Services Software

The eTRACE LINE / P.H.S. software manages Blood and Derivatives at Patient Bedsides as well as Lab activities. In combination with ePROGESA, it can be tailored to suit Blood Banks needs for diagnostics services or hospital’s needs for transfusion management in order to achieve the vein to vein traceability. Moreover, eTRACE LINE has demonstrated its capacity to meet today and tomorrow’s needs thanks to its functional richness and configurability.

As a modular application, eTRACE LINE modules can be activated on demand based on customer requirements. Many optional modules enhancing the core functionalities are available.







Extend your functionality with our modules

Patient Management

Manage patient transfusion files. The software contains all information related to the patients and transfusion history, Transfusion Protocol, Bone Marrow Transplant Rules, Patient Laboratory / Tests and many more …

Blood Product

Manage blood products. Import Manual / Electronic, Patient Reservation, Inventory locations, Pooling, Transformation, Site to Site movement, Quarantine, Discard, Return to supplier

Derivative Product

Manage blood derivatives. Import Manual / Electronic, Manage by Lot and by Vial, Patient reservation, Split vials for multiple patients, Site to Site movement, Quarantine, Discard, Return to supplier

Patient Bedside

Positive identification. Patient & Product verification before transfusion (Right product for the right patient) at the Bedside using a mobile device.

Catalogue of Interfaces

Orchestrate healthcare. A large catalogue of interfaces with third party software and lab devices is available.

Deployment in all Services

Deployment within hospitals. The technology ease the deployment in all services and optimize the transfusion work flow, from prescription, blood component orders, bedside patient transfusion management…

Main Features


  • Patient management
  • Patient Orders (Manual / Electronic)
  • Laboratory management
  • Transfusion Documentation
  • Blood product management
  • Blood derivative management
  • Haemovigilance
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Pregnancy management
  • X-Match
  • Electronic X-Match
  • Platelet X-Match
  • Reporting management

eTRACE LINE - Advanced Module

  • Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics
  • Smart Fridges Management
  • Remote X-Match
  • Positive Patient Identification
  • Electronic Prescription

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