MAK-SYSTEM community counts more than 65 countries working all together to improve the Patient Care.

International User Group

Meet twice a year

Twice a year, MAK-SYSTEM users meet with MAK-SYSTEM Key staff to share their experience and envision the future of our applications.

A single version

One single version for the world

The same version of the application is installed for each customer, only your configuration makes the difference

International Knowledge

Most advanced features

The transfusion knowledge in our software reflects three decades of experiences in more than 65 countries. Our applications can be seen as an international standard.

The User Group Vision

The future is here

Application and processes undergo continuous improvement. The application answers the needs of today and tomorrow.

User Group Website

Share with other organizations

As a MAK-SYSTEM User, you can access the User Group Website and share with other organization using the same software as you.

A Global Network

Benefit of International knowledge

Experts are dispatched all over the world to support you on a daily basis at any stage of your implementation. Our Team, our Distributors and our customers.

MAK-SYSTEM International Group

Join the community

Make the software solution better and provide pragmatic and efficient ideas and concept for the MAK-SYSTEM community benefit. Contact us